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Interested in Adoption?

We offer a great adoption service! Placing healthy animals with responsible and caring individuals is one of our most important goals. Our adoption program provides counseling to help you and your family choose the right dog for your home. All of our dogs live in foster homes, giving us the best opportunity to learn about their personality while giving us the ability to place them in a permanent home where they will thrive once adopted. Our program works with each dog on socialization and training the moment they arrive. We also complete all their vetting and medical needs prior to adoption. Home visits are provided prior to adoption, allowing the dog time to interact with you in your home setting. Adopters are also given a two week trial period with counseling, if needed, on their adopted dog! This gives you the reassurance that you have selected the best dog/puppy for your family. Each prospective owner is required to complete an adoption application, and if approved, sign an adoption contract ensuring the proper care and treatment of their new pet.

Adopt a rescue dog, Save a Life!

Adoption Application



Location in Kingwood TBA (Saturdays)
11:00am to 4:30pm

On August 6, 2016 was our last physical adoption event at Petco - Deerbrook after almost 2 decades of adoptions. The store closed and we are relocating our adoptions to a new venue. We will announce that new location sometime in October once we have it finalized. Until our new location is announced, we will accept applications through email and will be performing home visits on all adoptions. Contact us at to work out arrangements to meet one of our dogs. An adoption application will have to be submitted and approved prior to any meeting.

Adoption Fees

The standard adoption fee is $150.00 and includes:

  • - All vaccinations including rabies
  • - De-worming
  • - Spay/Neuter
  • - Veterinary Health Check
  • - Heartworm Treatment if necessary
  • - Microchip

An additional $50 refundable deposit is required if the puppy is too young to be neutered prior to adoption. Anyone interested in adopting 2 dogs may inquire about a special adoption price.

Adoption Application